Privacy Policy

As a responsible web host at Short Term Cash Victoria, we are very much concerned about the privacy of our client’s details that they leave with us while applying for any of our loan deals. We totally understand that none of you would like if your details get leaked to any third party person and similarly, we dont want spoil our reputation in your eyes, thus, we have made a privacy policy which ensures that your data is protected with us. Read on to know more:

We at Short Term Cash Victoria, dont ask for any of your private details while you are just going through our website. However, it is important for us to keep a track of your browsing details and track your IP address for our security reasons. At the same time, we like to store your choices and preferences while browsing our site, so that you next time you visit us, you dont have to search too much.

But whenever you visit us at Short Term Cash Victoria from the purpose of applying for any of our loan deals, we do ask for some of your personal details. These details are related to your bank account number, contact number, email ID and monthly income etc. We require all these details to provide you with the best possible loan deals that are available with us.

Once you fill the application and leave us with your details, you dont have worry at all. None of your data will ever get leaked as we have installed some highly efficient modern safeguards in our system that will monitor the security of your personal details. Thus, stay relaxed and keep your trust alive in us.

At Short Term Cash Victoria, we host some external links as well. These links are not at all related to any of our loan deals. If you are using these unknown links, so do it on your consent. They might cause damage to your system and we will not be help responsible any mishap. Lastly, we request you to visit us often to stay updated with the latest modifications.

Representative APR Example:
The Representative APR is 1223.6% (Variable) so if you borrow $200 over 30 days,
you will repay $248 in total.